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We make booking a sexy Vegas escort quick and easy. At My Vegas Escort, we know how busy you are so we offer two fast and simple ways to get the girl you want, when you want her. You can either use our simple contact form that we have included below or give us a call to set up a reservation for a hot Vegas escort.

We provide two ways to communicate with us so that your privacy can be protected. We realize that you might not have the privacy to carry on a long personal phone conversation while you are at work but that you might have access to your personal email or vice versa. When filling out our contact form, remember to give us a valid email address if that is how you want us to contact you in the future.

We encourage you to fully utilize the message box on our contact form. This is the ideal place to note any special details that you think we should know about. For example, if this is your first time using an escort service, the message area is a good place to note this information. Similarly, if you have any special requests – we get lots of inquiries from men asking us about hiring two escorts – our message box is the ideal place to bring this up.

Of course, you can also contact us via phone to discuss the specifics of your time with one of our escorts. We will always respect your privacy and will never share your information. For example, even though our contact form has a place for your phone number, if you would rather that we communicate with us only via email, simply note that in the message box or omit your phone number altogether.

At My Vegas Escort, we know that your privacy is not the only thing you might need to protect. Many of our clients have never used an escort service before so they often have many questions and some concerns about the entire process – and understandably so. Our customer service team has been cultivated for its non-judgmental attitude and helpful manner. We want you to feel comfortable when you are talking with us about this highly personalized matter.

One area of concern that some men find themselves holding back – and this can adversely affect their enjoy of their time with one of our gorgeous gals – is in the area of fantasies. At My Vegas Escorts, we realize that men have a wide range of fantasies and we encourage the sharing of this information with our customer service staff. The staff is not there to judge you. Instead, they act as facilitators when it comes to helping you realize your fantasies and desires. Our escorts want to work closely with you so that you are able to have the best experience with them possible.